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Here are a few of my favorite links, websites, and vendors for many of your reenacting needs. Sorry, but they're not listed in any particular order. When you visit, please tell them you heard about their website from ReproPaperwork.com!


Here's a very interesting webpage titled "Encoded Communications From Workd War II," sent to me by the Lexington Middle School History Club in Nebraska, sponsored by Ms. Michelle Green! A great article, with a number of very interesting links as well. Keep up the great work kids, and NEVER stop learning - Thank You Very Much For The Link!
An excellent site selling both original and reproduction World War II Eastern Front German, Finnish, and Russian equipment and uniforms. One of my favorites!
An excellent website with lots of information about getting started in World War II reenacting, links to reenacted units, paperwork, uniform info, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitem. Easily one of the most informative sites out there!
M1940 DogTag Chains I would be severely remiss if I didn't include a link to Alex's site for repro US Dog Tag Chains. These are not the late-postwar bead chains, but the flat style issued to US forces with the tags held in place by a clasp. I've had mine for years and it's held up QUITE well, indeed!
The Art of War Jeff Willoughby, a fellow artist and reenactor, is recreating "skin" souvenirs of shot down aircraft. Apart from being very reasonable, his work is also really good! Check it out the next time you're looking for something to add to your collection!
Pobediteli Russian search engine (in English) for surviving Soviet veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II).
A good link with links to good articles on Italy during World War II.
Tired of senseless (and almost arbitrary) rules on eBay? Try supporting Reenactor Stuff instead. Good finds!
Holy Cats! Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the Axis during World War II. No joke, these guys are great!
Feldgrau A very informative site about German armed forces between 1918 to 1945. Good, easy to navigate articles. Check it out!
Hogan Quartermaster Great source for reproduction rations, particularly US K-Rations.
Cobbaton Combat Coll. Okay, this might be a bit out of my league, but if you happened to have the spare cash and really, really NEED a tank, this looks like a pretty good source.
World War II Impressions Another good source for reproduction US uniforms and equipment.
Lost Battalions An excellent source for reproduction US and German uniforms and equipment, probably the best out there!
Bayonet, Inc. They just keep coming -- very good reproduction World War II equipment.
At The Front Another good source for reproduction World War II equipment and uniforms -- many nationalities, too!
WW2 Ration Technologies Another great site for reproduction rations/labels for eating correctly in the field.
1944 Militaria Good source for repro and original World War II German stuff. Lots of stuff. Neat stuff!
What Price Glory Lots of US and UK uniforms and equipment.
Third Reich Depot Original Third Reich documents and literature. Man, I SO want to buy like three quarters of what's listed. VERY nice stuff here!
US National Archives Oh, like I could leave them out?
French Départments Information about France's numerous Départments (kind of like counties in the US). Reminder: during World War II, the administrative regions as we know them today didn't exist, just the Départments.
French Départments More information about the French Départments. A lot of modern info, but still very useful.
The Victory Home A very useful online reference to the US Home Front during World War II. Well written and informative articles!
Veteran's History Project This is the US Library of Congress' site for collecting and cataloging all veteran's tales for posterity. If you can help in any way, please do so, since so many of our veterans and their experiences are being lost to us every day!
Washington Station GREAT site about life in the US, particularly the Washington, D.C. area, during World War II by Marguerite Howard German. A really fun read!
Espenlaub Militaria Originals from Germany and Russia, both World War II and Imperial.
Soviet Military Awards VERY extensive and informational website on every award and variation issued by the Soviet Union. There's so much info here it defies belief!
Soldbuch Web Very nice site with translations and info regarding World War II Soldbücher.
German Notes Some very nice info and images of original World War II German banknotes, both issued and those used in the occupied territories. Leo also sells many original banknotes, so check this site out; good stuff!
Third Reich in Ruins Okay, this site is just plain cool! Photos taken from the same or similar vantage points as photos taken back in the 1930s and 40s in Germany and Austria. I've spent HOURS at this website!
Through Their
Very interesting site with CDs of original photo albums for sale! Buying an original album can cost a small fortune, but Jim Payne provides great photographic resources for a very reasonable sum. Check his site out; you will not be disappointed!
Soldbuch.de Very informative site about the Soldbücher from the various armed services during World War II (in German).
USAAF in World War II Very extensive info site about the Army Air Forces during World War II.
Rationnement Very good webpage about German rationing in the Alsace-Lorraine region between 1940 and 1945 (in French). Guy has a number of links and other pictorial articles at http://www.knarf.info/guerre/guerre.htm
Galerie d'Histoire Wow, if you had TWO lifetimes to spend at this website, you wouldn't see everything! Lots and lots and lots of original paperwork for sale (in German and English).
Walden Font Great company selling historical fonts for both the Mac and the PC. Check them out; nice stuff!
Rack Builder Lists US Military awards and medals, plus images. Lots of modern stuff too, but an excellent reference for World War II awards as well.
Groucho Publishing Reprinted/reproduced manuals of England, the US, Germany, and the Netherlands from World War II. Rob has a very extensive list of products and I highly recommend contacting him if you need a manual for your vehicle or impression!
Soldbuch of Paul Barke

Great images out of New Zealand of a Soldbuch from the North African campaign. Also check out their main page at http://homepages.win.co.nz/bphprint/index.html

Google: Soldbuch Heck, I could list just about every Soldbuch on the web, but this is much easier and takes up less space. Have fun, ya'll!
Wehrmacht Awards Great website with lots of images and information about awards of World War II Germany. Highly recommend that you visit!
Soldat FHQ Good site selling World War II replicas and books.
German Fonts Interesting site with information on various forms of German fonts and handwriting styles prevalent prior to and during World War II.
Landser Outfitters Good website for reproduction World War II German equipment and uniforms. Very nice folks with good stuff!
Red Army Online If you're reenacting World War II Russian and you're not visiting this site, you are missing a wealth of information, contacts, and other goodies!
The Federalist Papers A great reference for all Americans (and anyone interested in the US Constitution) courtesy of the University of Oklahoma College of Law. These were writings by Madison, Hamilton, and Jay under the collective nome de plume of "Publius" urging the thirteen new States to ratify the Constitution of the United States. To this day, a great study in public relations, and a fantastic reference to what the Founding Fathers really MEANT when they wrote the Constitution. Good reading!
Maritime Injury Center You may not be aware of it, but I am a USMC veteran, so I want to help veterans' assistance programs when I can. This is one such site, for those injured at sea or during military or merchant maritime operations. If you feel you may qualify for benefits under the Jones Act, please visit this website, and may God bless you for your service!
I Hate PCs Okay, this site is in no way whatsoever related to reenacting (though my friend Tom is a fellow reenactor), but have you ever wanted to take a sledgehammer and just beat the ever-loving "you know what" out of your computer? So has Tom... GREAT and hilarious reading!