Russian Bread Wrappers

I recently acquired an original war time stamp from the Sestroretsk bread factory in the vicinity of Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Box labels or bread wrappers were stamped and the vehicle number, date, time, and inspecting official were noted in the appropriate blanks. The stamp translates to read:

"Sestroretsk bread factory. Permit number ____ for the distribution of the goods. The load is checked and was carried out from the territory of the factory by the means of car (wagon) number ____ on __(date)__ at __(time hours, minutes)__. The quantity of the carried out goods correspond to the covering document. Security staff verification ________."

The original stamp is too fragile to use, but I have reproduced it! I will stamp the middle of a 12" x 18" manilla paper, similar in weight and texture to paper produced during the seige of Leningrad, and include six sheets with your order. You can wrap store-bought loaves of bread to carry in the field, or wrap loaf-sized closed cell foam for living history displays (foam never goes bad or draws bugs). A very interesting addition to your impression!

$10 for Six wrappers



Russian Notebooks

I want to mention how helpful my customers have been in researching and helping me to produce some items. Bruce Gadbois of the 25th Ukrainian Mounted Rifles sent me scans of an original notebook he found in an old great coat he got at a St. Petersburg / Leningrad thrift store.

Is it from World War II? There's no way to know for certain, but it matches a lot of construction techniques used by the Soviets at the time. That, and the stamp on the exterior looks very similar to other period stamps I have seen.

With that, I have reproduced these books, a 100x140mm cloth-covered soft notebook with 20-pages stapled into the middle, and stamped it with the Soviet RKKA seal. Ideal for taking notes in the field!

$5 each

Custom Russian Letters

Want a letter from home to wave under your buddy's nose? Send me an email with the exact text that you want in your letter, who and where you want it to, and who and where you want it from. I will translate it into Russian (or leave it in English if you prefer), hand write it, fold it into the typical triangular period style military letter, address it however you want, and stamp it with the necessary cancellations and postage, all the way to, or from, the front!

Sorry, no discounts for multiples; as you may imagine, these things take a lot of work!

Temporarily unavailable; please check back later


basic em kit

Russian Military Papers
Basic Enlistedman's Package

This set includes the basic paperwork carried by almost every Soviet enlistedman regardless of branch of service. The set includes the Red Army Booklet with a black faux leather cover like the original in my collection, which was the primary form of identification of the Soviet armed forces, a personal identification form to record one's next of kin in the event of one's death (superstitious Russian soldiers usually left these blank, considering them a self-fulfilling prophecy), a Military Oath signed by soldiers and carried for inspiration, and an infantry school graduation certificate (carried by infantrymen, which made up the majority of Soviet forces).

Temporarily unavailable; please check back later

For an additional cost, I will fill out all of the paperwork in the above set to your specifications. Please download this form, copy and paste the information with your answers into an email, and send it to me after you've ordered. I will complete the forms, varying my own handwriting to make it look like more than one person filled them out, in Cyrillic no less, and mark them with the correct reproduction stamps, just like the originals in my collection. Due to the time which may be necessary to create the stamps I'll need, please allow four to six weeks for delivery.


Temporarily unavailable; please check back later



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