Reproduction V-Mail Letter

V-Mail was an absolutely ingenious invention. Soldiers could stay in touch with their loved ones by writing on specially provided forms, which were photographed onto microfilm, transported overseas in small, inexpensive transport parcels, then enlarged onto photographic paper and mailed to their destinations.

Have you ever been at a reenactment and wanted a V-Mail that looked like it was mailed from home? How about having a V-Mail sent to a friend or spouse as a gift? With this package, send me a letter of your own in an e-mail; I will convert it using a simulated handwritten font and paste it into my V-Mail template, distress it to give it a photographed look, and print it onto a quality matte finish photographic paper. Or you can send me an illustration; I'll distress it to make it look like it was photographed, and include it along with any brief message you want. Includes censor stamps (Army or Navy - please indicate). A real work of art and at this price, quite the bargain!.

$10 each

US Army Notebooks

Many times, I've needed to carry a note book in the field to keep track of tactical information, but no one carried something that I could use that didn't look farby. Although this notebook, a much higher quality than what was available to me before, isn't based on an actual period notebook, it does look a lot better than using a modern flip-style note pad. It has roughly sixty pages and a flap on the inside back cover for storing loose pages or other notes.

$6 each



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